Become a distributor of highlighting combs!

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Впервые в продаже!
Earn on sale 50 000 – 100 000 rubles per month!
Unique comb from the manufacturer.
Wholesale prices are 3 times cheaper than retail!
Worldwide shipping.


Amount of the combs Price per each (in rubles)
50-99 499.00
100-299 449.00
300-499 399.00
500+ 349.00


Amount of barber capes Price per each (in rubles)
20+ 1200.00

At this moment, only highlighting combs and barber capes are available for wholesale buyers.

If you are interested in other goods, we are ready to prepare a wholesale price upon your request.



How to buy combs by wholesale price
  1. You make a request
  2. The personal manager contacts you to negotiate about the terms of delivery and payment
  3. The personal manager sends you a link for payment and the bill
  4. After receiving the payment, your manager forms your parcel and gives it to delivery service
  5. This service delivers goods



Delivery methods
Delivery methods

We ship worldwide by a transport company or by post.

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